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Donate to The First Response Team of America

Donations can be made safely and conveniently online through our secured connection. Donations are tax-deductible.

Donate to The First Response Team of <a rel=term papers for sale America” src=”#://” />

Donate to The First Response Team of America

Donations made by check and mailed to the team are also appreciated.

First Response Team of America
1060 N. Charlotte St., Suite 102
Lancaster, PA 17603

Where does my donation go?

As you’ve seen, natural and man-made disasters are inevitable. They can affect any one of us, at any given moment. Our unique way of responding to these disasters with specialized trucks and equipment is costly. Your donation ensures that our team members are properly-trained and our fleet is ready to respond.

Whether it’s deploying our trucks to clear rubble from roads to reach those in need, running our equipment to clear a home site for someone without insurance, or fueling our generator to power a shelter, your donation ensures we will be able to deploy and be there for our fellow man when life is at its worst.

Because of you, we will be there. Thank you for joining our Team.

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